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Philadelphia Dress - Philadelphia's resource to Dress Boutiques

Philadelphia, the Cradle of Liberty, is certainly not new to style and fashion. From its conception,William Penn designed the city to be seen and enjoyed on foot, which offered the very fashionable Philadelphian style maven plenty of opportunities to show off her latest Parisian frocks.

Not much has changed from the days of when our founding fathers were meeting at Carpenters Hall debating the Declaration of Independence. Their wives and daughters were shopping for dresses in Center City, which still includes some fabulous shopping neighborhoods: Old City, Society Hill, Rittenhouse Square, Antique Row and Northern Liberties, to mention but a few. What was true then remains true today: shopping in Center City is very accessible by foot.

It's worth a trip to Old City and Society Hill, the eastern end of Center City, which are filled with exquisite homes, cobblestone streets, and many historic landmarks, as well as cute fashionable boutiques where you can find anything from eco-friendly fashions to your very own custom tailored bridal gown. But please, no Bridezillas! We are a cool, hip neighborhood;

Speaking of fab, hip neighborhoods in Philadelphia, Manayunk offers up chic urban boutiques providing fashion forward trends and fabulous customer service. Whether you are shopping for a cute little something to wear on a girl's night out at the Manayunk Art Festival, or you are in dire need of a mother-of-the-bride dress, and you can't bear to go to the mall, this neighborhood is meant for you.

Manayunk is great place to shop with the girls, have lunch in a cute cafe, do a little shopping, have a glass of wine and dish on the BFFs who aren't there, and, yes, you are allowed to have fun. By the way ladies, push the envelope and listen to your Fashion Insiders.

Ask for input, tell them what the occasion is, and let them guide you to an ensemble that compliments your figure, whether you are tall and thin or you are blessed with some curves. Let them know you want something feminine and swirling with color or a new twist to "the little black dress"; they are here to hook you up.

Perhaps you just bought yourself an ultra-trendy magenta mini, so now you are on the hunt for that perfect pair of pair of jeans but are not sure if "skinny" is your style. Why not take the plunge and try a few pairs on? So "skinny" is not your style, but boot cut mid rise is, and you just have to have that crazy orange velvet blazer. Even though you never wear orange, the girls tell you that you look fabulous, so go for it!

This is the land of fashion in Philadelphia where you will find the perfect dress, suit, jeans, sweaters, and leggings to match your social obligations. Hey, not sure about leggings? All I can say is a belted baggy sweater, leggings, and ankle boots, and you rock, baby! And please tell you friends you put your look together from tips on Philadelphia Dress.

From Center City to Bucks County, the Main Line is a collection of affluent villages that grew up as suburbs of Philadelphia. William Penn was one of the first to build an estate, Pennsbury Manor, outside the city in Bucks County. The Main Line includes Bryn Mawr, Devon, Malvern, Radnor, Ardmore, and Wayne, to mention a few.

This is the land of beautiful estates, regal thoroughbreds, and masters of the universe. If you plan to run in this neck of the woods, you are going to need some oh-so-ultra-sophisticated clothes.

Whether you are attending the annual Devon Horse Show, the oldest horse show in the US, or the Hunt Ball at the Radnor Hunt Club, you are in need of horse country casual as well as a formal Ball Gown, because the Hunt Ball is white tie and tails.

Here's a typical scenario: you just happen to be dating a nephew of the Pew family and they have invited you as their guest for the weekend. What's a girl to do? The very fashionable boutiques in both Brandywine Valley and the Main Line will be happy to help you with your casual country attire, as well as that oh-so-gorgeous ball gown. You will look so beautiful!

So you have moved from the "Horsey Set" to the "Theater Set", and are again at a loss as to what would be appropriate to wear to a cocktail dress at the Appleford Estate. Then it's always wise to bring your invitation with you when shopping for an ensemble, as this helps your fashion savvy professional at Philadelphia Dress offer you a few options, from a cute empire waist mini, which works amazingly well if you have no waist, to a sleek pair of black narrow silk pants paired with a beaded tunic. Either way, you can't go wrong.

Philadelphia is rich in American History and has been home to many Fashion icons including Grace Kelly, so when you're visiting one of the many historic landmarks in and around the city, just take a moment and check out all the fashionistas walking about, which also makes people watching that much more fun.

Accessories: Shoes, Handbags, Jewelry and ....

What can I say about shoes? You can never have too many pairs, and there are some rocking shoe stores all over the city. So you bought the most perfect robin egg blue mini dress, but are not sure what shoes would work, and of course you need a clutch, not to mention some awesome jewelry? Bring the dress along with you so the fashion professional from Philadelphia Dress can help you complete your ensemble.

Lets talk jewelry, its wide open, glass, leather, semi precious stones, crystals, metals, fabric all mixed together and you have gorgeous pieces that rock your outfit. Be open minded, let the staff at your local Philadelphia Boutique help finish your look with fun fashion forward jewelry.

We love colorful handbags in all shapes and sizes. Throw the rules out the window. You don't need to match the bag with the shoes. That's so yesterday. Act up, mix metallic with color and it is ok to carry a big black hobo with hot pink peep toed pumps, and by the way, discover your inner fashionista.

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